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Certified Professional Ergonomist

Alba Ergonomics is an Australian business offering expert ergonomics, work health and safety, and human factors consultancy services.

Alba Ergonomics was established in 2006 by Certified Professional Ergonomist, Claire Folland. Alba Ergonomics provides expert opinion and advice on ergonomics in the workplace, with a particular focus on the assessment of human anatomical, anthropometric, physiological and biomechanical characteristics as they relate to the physical activity of work tasks.

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Ergonomics is about people and so are we! At Alba Ergonomics we want to see people working at their best. We consult with our clients across all industry sectors to create the systems, spaces and surroundings that will help you or your team perform at their peak. Whether you work in an industrial, educational, office or home environment, we ensure you feel safe, focused and productive, every day.

Meet Our Principal

Claire Folland BSc Occupational Therapy
MSc Tech Ergonomics, GBAP, CPE

Claire is a Certified Professional Ergonomist and Work Health and Safety Specialist with over 20 years’ experience. She is also a Green Star Accredited Professional and educated on the WELL Movement Concept.

Claire has experience in a broad range of industries including office design, manufacturing, wholesale and retail, as well as healthcare and heavy industry. She has a comprehensive understanding of a range of organisational and project environments and management systems in complex workplace ergonomics needs.

A past NSW Chair and Board representative of the HFESA and currently a committee member of the HFESA Professional Affairs Board, Claire is a true expert in her field.
Office workers sitting in at their ergonomic workstation, using their desktop computers, laptops and mobile devices.
If you want to know more, just ask! Find out how we can keep your business successful and your employees functioning at their best.

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