Green Star Certification - Ergonomics Strategy (Credit 15)

Green Star Certification is an internationally recognised environmentally sustainability rating system that rates buildings and workspaces against nine criteria across energy efficiency, environmental management and indoor environment quality. Alba Ergonomics provide expert advice on developing and delivering the requirements for the Ergonomics Strategy (Credit 15).

What are the benefits of Green Star certification?

Undertaking Green Star certification demonstrates leadership, innovation, environmental care, and social responsibility.

We pride ourselves on experience and dedication, providing our clients with highly-skilled Green Star certification specialists. They proudly advocate for excellence and innovation in the built environment and the broader community.

Our team of Green Star Accredited Professionals understand the practical implications of all the certification criteria and ensures the criteria are seamlessly cross-referenced with regulatory requirements.

What makes Alba Ergonomics at the top of the list of choices for achieving your project’s Green Star rating is our ability to work closely and meticulously with the sustainability and regulatory requirements your project will encounter.

Are you seeking Green Star Ergonomics credit for your workplace or Green Star building design?

In adherence to the Green Star Ergonomics credit's compliance requirements, we can:

Carry out task and user needs analyses in collaboration with the client's staff to evaluate the appropriateness of the proposed work environment and related equipment for various end-users. We can collect this data through several methods based on your preference (e.g., online surveys or individual manager interviews).
Examine the suggested workstation furniture and equipment (or recommend alternatives) to ensure factors such as adjustability, size, and user comfort are sufficiently addressed.
Supply work setting users with ergonomics information related to furniture and equipment (via information sessions or an information guide) to promote an ergonomically sound workplace.
Ergonomic office furniture in meeting room.

Ergonomics Strategies for Certifications

Experts in Green Star Standards, WELL Building, LEED, and Fitwel. As Certified Professional Ergonomists (CPE) and Green Star Accredited Professionals (GSAP), we are qualified and experienced to advise on ergonomic strategies for new and existing projects in Australia aspiring to meet particular standards:
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Incorporating Green Star Principles

Incorporating Green Star Principles into new and existing designs can provide benefits to many stakeholders. Alba Ergonomics can assist you to meet compliance requirements and supply you with:

A statement confirming that all fit-out items installed in the primary area adhere to the credit's objectives.
Ergonomics information (including optional information sessions) for work setting users to encourage ongoing ergonomic consideration in the use of workstation furniture and equipment.
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