Monthly Onsite Ergonomics Services

Alba Ergonomics offers monthly onsite services to mitigate ergonomic risks in the workplace. We will design an ergonomics management plan to identify hazards before they become problems, allow you to minimise risks, improve employee satisfaction and effectiveness while reducing absenteeism due to injury or illness.

The benefits of a monthly site visit

A monthly site visit from a certified ergonomist will assist you to implement the correct tools and processes  to mitigate risks as outlined in your Ergonomics Management Plan.

To properly manage ergonomic risk you need to know what factors are causing the problem and how they can be corrected. However, identifying and understanding ergonomics risks only takes us so far.

Workplaces can benefit from monthly visits by an Alba Ergonomics consultant., to implement the correct tools and processes that mitigate the risks identified in your ergonomics management plan.

Failing to manage ergonomic risks properly can have a lasting impact on your business, including higher insurance premiums, lost productivity, and lower morale for workers.
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Onsite services conducted by our ergonomists

The scope of onsite services offered by Alba Ergonomics includes:

    Identifying ergonomics risks and hazards associated to environment and tasks. Everything we identify is compiled into a report and utilised as part of your risk management plans.
    Conducting appropriate onsite ergonomics assessments, such as a quick check and adjustment of workstations, or a more comprehensive assessment to address reported complaints, pain, or discomfort of workers.
    Working with your management team and workers to develop an ergonomics management plan, including recommendations and prescription of ergonomic equipment as required.
    Delivering onsite training and resources to faciliate the understanding and best practices of ergonomics in the workplace.
    Sourcing and supplying ergonomic equipment to meet the demands of your workplace.
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Do you need an Ergonomics Risk Management Plan?

A risk management plan is a document that outlines the risks to your organisation and how you will mitigate them. It can be used for both internal and external audit purposes, as well as for reporting on progress toward defined goals.

In order to develop an effective ergonomics risk management plan, it's important to understand where the risks lie within your business environment. We can assist you to identify:
What are the most likely threats to safety and wellbeing?
What do we need to do in order to mitigate these threats?

Benefits to your organisation

Alba Ergonomics can assist your organisation to make the best decisions around the health and safety of your people. Monthly onsite services can provide benefits in these areas:

    Minimise time loss due to injuries and absences
    Decrease workers' compensation claims
    Lower insurance premiums
    Diminish workplace mistakes and fatigue
    Enhance the overall health of your workforce
    Boost employee productivity
    Improve staff retention rates and morale
    Strengthen your workplace's safety culture