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WELL can help you to prioritise the health and safety of your people, maximise real estate value, and optimise the human and social capital performance of your business. WELL applies the science of physical and social environments to benefit the health, well-being and performance of your people.

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The WELL Building Institute presents a concept advisory on how to apply the principles of the Well Building Standard in your workplace.

The WELL Movement is a global community of change agents who are committed to transforming the built environment by creating healthy, high-performing spaces and communities for people, businesses and governments. The WELL Building Standard offers a framework that is applicable to any building type or space regardless of size. It also provides support for achieving sustainability targets through increased occupant engagement, improved productivity, lower absenteeism rates and reduced health care costs resulting from more holistic building design practices.
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What is WELL Building Certification?

The WELL Building Certification is a new standard for building design and construction. It provides a framework for creating high-performing buildings that are healthy, productive, and sustainable.

The WELL Building Standard focuses on five dimensions of human wellness: (1) air quality; (2) light; (3) noise; (4) fitness & movement; and (5) water & thermal comfort
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Alba Ergonomics are experts in the WELL Movement Concept

The WELL Movement concept promotes physical activity in everyday life through environmental design, policies and programs to ensure that movement opportunities are integrated into the fabric of our culture, buildings and communities.
The WELL Movement concept aims to promote movement, foster physical activity and active living and discourage sedentary behavior, by creating and enhancing opportunities through the spaces where we spend our lives. The impact of changing the global physical activity narrative is substantial. Worldwide, if physical inactivity were reduced by 10%, more than half a million deaths could be averted, while over one million deaths could be averted, if physical inactivity was reduced by 25%. Furthermore, the elimination of physical inactivity has been predicted to increase the global lifespan by an average of 0.68 years.

Benefits of WELL Building Certification

When you achieve the WELL Building Certification, it can:

Improve employee health, productivity, and quality of life through wellness programs; interventions such as lighting or ventilation upgrades; research & education; employee engagement initiatives; and more!
Reduce costs associated with sick leave and workers' compensation claims by improving occupant comfort & satisfaction (which leads to increased productivity).

Achieving and maintaining a healthy, high-performing workplace

Achieving and maintaining a healthy, high-performing workplace is essential to the success of your business. The WELL Building Certification is a tool that can help you achieve this goal.

The WELL Building Certification is a voluntary program that rewards building owners for implementing healthy building practices such as using daylighting techniques or installing natural ventilation systems in their buildings
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Our health is fundamental to our well-being and our daily performance.

A healthy employee is a more productive employee. Healthier employees are more engaged, happier and satisfied with their work life. They have lower absenteeism rates, which translates into cost savings for your organisation.

Healthy employees also have better overall performance than unhealthy ones: they can stay focused on tasks longer and make fewer mistakes - both of which lead to higher levels of customer satisfaction!

More Information About WELL

If you would like to know more about the WELL Building Certification and to find out how Alba Ergonomics can assist, please get in touch to speak with one of our expert consultants.
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