Industrial Ergonomics

Alba Ergonomics is an Australian based consultancy of Certified Professional Ergonomists (CPE) and Work and Health and Safety (WHS) Specialists providing Ergonomics, Human Factors and Work Health & Safety (WHS) consultant services.

Ergonomics for OEMs, manufacturers, waste management and construction

The aim of industrial ergonomics is to reduce the impact of heavy equipment operation or production line use on the operator. Effective layout, seat design, maintenance, operator work habit and work schedules all are techniques that should consider the user. We will work with you to design effectively; so that you can improve operator health, safety and performance.
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Mining trucks on a mining site in Australia.

Ergonomic solutions for heavy industries

Our work has included utilities companies, mining, OEMs, manufacturers, waste management and construction.

Alba Ergonomics offer:
Individual ergonomics assessments
Ergonomics risk assessments
Heavy plant, production line or structures ergonomics priniciples
Train the trainer courses for ergonomics principles in design
Non technical skills training for heavy industry setting
Advice on control rooms, plant and vehicle design and procurement to suit your workplace needs
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Ergonomic training programs and material

We offer a range of services to develop and deliver your ergonomic training programs and material, including:
Develop manual handling programs
Develop your Hazardous Manual Tasks Policies and Procedures, including easy to follow risk registers, checklists, training and intranet content
We will advise on legislation, Australian standards and industry best practice recommendations
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Ergonomic training in the workplace.
Office workers sitting in at their ergonomic workstation, using their desktop computers, laptops and mobile devices.
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