Ergonomics Training

Alba Ergonomics is an Australian based consultancy of Certified Professional Ergonomists (CPE) and Work and Health and Safety (WHS) Specialists providing Ergonomics, Human Factors and Work Health & Safety (WHS) consultant services.

Obtain the skills and knowledge needed to anticipate, recognise, evaluate, and control ergonomic risk factors in a broad range of workplace settings.

Ergonomics training courses at Alba Ergonomics are appropriate for those with no experience in ergonomics as well as for those looking for more advanced training.

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Ergonomic training in the workplace.

Ergonomics and human factors training throughout Australia

We develop and deliver training on a variety of ergonomics and human factors topics. This can be customised to your business or the through the Nationally Accredited training process. Our training includes:
Workstation assessor – “train the trainer”
Manual handling postures and risk assessment
Industrial ergonomics
Safety by design
Apply ergonomics to manage WHS hazards and risks (BSBWHS607A – a two day training course which can be tailored to your industry and workplace as required. We are linked with a reputable RTO to provide this Unit of Competency.)

Train The Trainer Ergonomic Assessment Course

Participants will learn an effective and efficient way of completing office ergonomics assessments highlighting issues that contribute to musculoskeletal disorders.

Learn all about the methods that will help you recognize, assess and determine practical solutions for handling bad posture by taking this premium course.
Ergonomics assessment training at Alba Ergonomics will teach you all about the crucial steps for an in-depth assessment. In addition, you’ll be provided with the necessary info on the attributes of the workstation (chair, keyboard and mouse, monitor, workstation organisation, and more).
Recognise and prioritise office equipment challenges and select appropriate office equipment and accessories to address those challenges.
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Cloud Based Ergonomics

Now Available

In partnership with Professor Alan Hedge of Cornell University, we now offer Sonexes™. This is a cloud based expert system, surveys and predictive analytics to screen any workforce to identify any ergonomic risks for musculoskeletal disorders and related problems with equipment of the work environment to guide the most cost effective interventions to improve the ergonomic wellness and employee performance of your workplace.

Our ergonomics experts provide a range of services to address the safety of work areas and environments with regard to ergonomics training. This cloud based expert system incorporates survey, self assessments and ergonomics training programs which can be invaluable for people working in the offices, manufacturing and heavy industry, to name a few industries. By getting the survey data and the ergonomics training certification employees will have better control of manual task risks, improve productivity and improve workers’ knowledge.

By using the cloud based expert system and ergonomics training courses like Sonexes™ you will be able to facilitate a manual tasks risk assessment using Sonexes™. Understand the importance of review and evaluation and successfully facilitate the management of manual tasks risks through developing and implementing effective controls with this premium cloud based expert system and ergonomics training program.
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